Ethan Arrowood

Headshot of Ethan Arrowood Photo by Alex Arrowood Photography

Pronouns: He, Him, His


Wentworth Institute of Technology

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Additional Education Experience

View of the Matterhorn - Zermatt, Switzerland - September 2019



Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Commercial Software Engineering

GitHub Campus Expert

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Start Up Challenge

The program provides a platform for students to form interdisciplinary teams and nurture an idea they are passionate about.

LeaderShape National Institute

Dover, Massachusetts, USA

Attendee spring 2017


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Wentworth Insitute of Technology's premier student hackathon event with a mission to promote diversity and accessibility in our tech community.

Tunnel View Perspective - Yosemite National Park, California, USA - August 2019


Coming Soon! - For now, check out my GitHub (@Ethan-Arrowood)

View of Nordkette Klettersteig and Kemacher Peak - Innsbruck, Austria - September 2019


Messages are always welcome at Other ways to get in contact is through social media such as Twitter (@ArrowoodTech) and LinkedIn (ethan-arrowood).

I work asynchronously. This means my schedule is dynamic and I may not respond right away or during normal working hours. Thus, I do not expect you to read or respond to my messages outside of your own schedule either.

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